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Product: Recognition Awards, Braille-Tac Signs, and Identification Products 

Contact Information:
Jennifer Holm
8200 97th Ave. S.
Phone: 651.771.9297
Fax: 651.771.2121


The Advance Corporation facility is located on a 6.6 acre site near the intersection of 97th Street and Ideal Avenue. The initial structure will be approximately 44,000 square feet and plans include future expansions for a maximum of 80,400 square feet.

William F. Lorenz founded Advance Corporation in 1941. The company began by making identification products and flexographic products serving manufacturers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The company expanded to include a recognition awards division in 1972. In 1990 Advance Corporation formed the Braille-Tac division.

The Corporate Mission of Advance is, "To provide high quality products with the best service in the industry and to deal with all customers and employees in an honest and responsive manner."

We have been very impressed with the city's development staff, and thanks to their efforts and can-do attitude we were able to complete our relocation to Cottage Grove on time and within budget.

Gregory A. Moore, Former CFO, Advance Corporation